Healthcare Solutions

Covid-19 Response Plan

Fortress has a range of products and solutions to support the fight against the growing threat of coronavirus.


Infrared Thermometer Solution

An innovative cost effective non-contact thermometer.

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Our Products

Fortress products include Medical Personal Protection Equipment, Safety Products, Protective Clothing, and various other products used in the healthcare industry.

Our Partners

Our channel partners and distributors come from over 100 countries. We work with some of the industry leaders in the healthcare space given the fact that our Fortress branded products are of high quality and standards.

Our Solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions for our clients. This includes supplying the full spectrum of Medical products for both businesses in the public and private sectors.

Covid-19 Response

Identify Symptoms

It is crucial to understand and be able to identify symptoms of the virus. Fortress manufacturers no-contact infrared thermometers

Diagnostic Testing

Fortress Healthcare offers testing kits to determine a positive or negative read of Covid-19

Medical Support

All medical professionals dealing with Covid-19 patients should be fitted with appropriate PPE


Staying away from others to prevent the spread of the virus

Additional Testing

The use of Test Kit sare required at this stage, to ensure there is a double negative reading for Covid-19


During the recovery phase individuals should remain in isolation and help rebuild their immunity

Fortress Healthcare

In Numbers

At Fortress our expertise and experience are proven in our numbers. We take pride to ensure that the quality of our products and brand are kept in very high standards.

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Global Offices
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Fortress works hard to supply and provide businesses globally with Medical Products and Solutions. We work primarily with businesses in the following sectors: Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Laboratories, Manufacturing, etc. We also work closely with our registered Medical distributors.


We take pride in offering Fortress branded Medical products to governments. Fortress has vast experience dealing with government Medical Tenders. We also work closely with the Ministry of Health in several countries worldwide to provide them with high quality Health Product, Services and Solutions.


All of the Fortress products are manufactured to the highest of standard. We develop our products with our end-users in mind. While we do not sell to consumers directly, we certainly take all consumer feedback from our distributors to develop even better products.


Giving back is one of the most important parts for Fortress Healthcare. We work directly with a number of Non-Profit Hospitals and Charities to provide them products at no cost. We also offer subsidized Products, Services and Solutions for companies who wish to donate to Non-Profit Organisations.

All of our 468 hospitals are kitted out with Fortress products. The Fortress is a great brand to work within the medical sector

Dr. Rustolph Steiger, ANC Healthcare Network