01Our Difference

Creating tomorrow’s healthcare today

Fortress Healthcare is a multinational healthcare brand. Fortress is a global leader in the supply chain for Medical and Healthcare products. The company strives to ensure all of its products and services are designed and developed with quality in mind. It is critical to ensure all healthcare professionals and individuals have the ability to purchase the best medical products in the market.

At Fortress, we are committed to providing innovative products, services and solutions aimed to improve personal health and safety. Our core competencies are in clinical experience, technology advances and research and development which help us ensure we are constantly ahead of the game in the constantly enhancing segment of healthcare.

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02Our History

Rich history leading to our healthcare legacy

Fortress Healthcare first started to take shape in the United Kingdom in 1964—the transformation of healthcare as we know it was beginning. Since inception Fortress initially acted as an importer, distributor and trader of healthcare products. We have played a instrumental role in shaping the standards of healthcare products: we have been actively involved in developing high quality standards for healthcare production in the Far East. We are one of the pioneers in the manufacturing healthcare and medical products in Asia.

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01Our Philosophy

Future innovation in the present

Fortress Healthcare believes offering products of the highest quality ensure customer satisfaction for the long run. We provide products, services and healthcare solutions that go beyond industry averages. We carefully pick our partners based on their long term goals and objectives being aligned with ours. All ‘Fortress’ branded products have gone through vigorous quality control checks. We do everything in our power to ensure our innovation and product quality is reflected in the products we supply.

Fortress are known as difference makers, we believe setting the highest standards and practices possible allows new industry standards to be developed.

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