Modesty Gown

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TypePatient Modesty Gown (short sleeve)
MaterialLatex Free
Place of OriginChina
FunctionProtective Clothing
Brand Fortress

Product Details:

Modesty Gown (for Patients) | FDA Certified | CE Certified. All Fortress branded products go through vigorous quality checks, we supply some of the highest quality medical products on the market. If you have further queries, please email, our team are here to assist you.

Product Overview:

Fortress Modesty Gown can be worn by patients and also clinical staff when exposed to an environment of Class A or infectious disease patients managed by Class A infectious diseases. Protective clothing is to prevent medical personnel from being infected and is a single isolation. Our Modest Gowns provide:
• Safety Guardian: This disposable anti-epidemic antibacterial plastic closures isolation suit is full body integral hood design for overall protection, one-piece zip for easy access, cuffs and trousers with elastic band at the brim for effective protection, which is your safety guardian.
• Safety And Anti-epidemic Medical-grade Fabric: Polyethylene PE antibacterial film material made by heat-sealing seam using flash evaporation technology, light weight, tough and durable, with strong tear resistance. It can effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria, pesticides and dust, and the safety factor is increased by 99.99%.
• Crucial for for medical staff, people checking the epidemic, and the person who has close contact with infected patients or suspected persons. Before entering a dangerous environment with bacterial and viral infections, you must wear a full body one-piece hooded isolation suit.

Our Isolation Gowns can be used for various purposes for medical professionals to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances, or to protect patients from infections.

If worn properly, the Modesty Gown can protect both patients and medical staff from being infected.  It provides two-way isolation.


Product Name:Isolation Gown
Quantity10 units per box / 50 units per carton
Color:Dark Blue
Size:M: 165cm / L: 170cm / XL: 175cm / XXL: 180cm / XXXL: 185cm
TypeDisposable (not reusable)
Package SizeUpon Request
Package WeightUpon Request
Standards:International Standards
Certification:FDA and CE Certified