Shoe Cover Machine

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MaterialPP and Steel
Place of OriginChina
FunctionAutomatic Shoe Cover Dispenser
Brand Fortress

Product Details:

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine | CE Certified. All Fortress branded products go through vigorous quality checks, we supply some of the highest quality medical products on the market. If you have further queries, please email, our team are here to assist you.

Product Overview:

Fortress Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine are:
• When putting your foot inside the shoe cover dispenser, the shoe covers dispenses, the inside grapple can fold together automatically. The machine allows the shoe cover slide off and covers the feet.
• Fortress automatic shoe cover dispenser helps users to put shoe covers automatically 
• Users don’t need to bend down to put shoe covers by their hand, users need to just step in to the machine.

Our Shoe Cover Machine has been designed to have intelligent control: Control parts of the dispenser consist of PCB, motor, sensor ect, it can catch shoe covers from the shoe cover box and open for user to wear. It also has these functions of safety protection, fault alarm, fault error displaying. It has a large capacity: It can contain max 100 pcs of shoe cover each time, it can be used after user put one  shoe box into the dispenser, it is a very easy process of installation

The balance of shoe cover quantities displayed: The display screen of the dispenser can display balance of  shoe cover quantities, numbers will be deducted one after one pcs of shoe cover has been released.


Product Name:Shoe Cover Machines
Color:Silver or White
Size:L63 X W31 X H75 cm
Weight:20 kg
Packing TypePE Film, Foam, Carton
Packing:1pc Per Caron
Certification:CE Certified